• Chanson Exclusive: Chillin' Like A Snowman

    Chillin' Like A Snowman
    (Sofia Carson)

    There are presents underneath your family tree
    All the streets are filled with shining lights
    There's a party going down this Christmas eve
    And DJ Santa is sliding it all night 

    You need to make a list
    You need to check it twice
    We're about to find out
    Who's naughty, who's nice

    You need a spread cheer
    We're getting Jolly over here
    Till the icicles melt
    We won't deep, let me ask

    If you wanna have fun
    Like I know you've been
    If you wanna be cool
    Like the ice you make
    And when we're done with shopping
    And filling up the stockings
    We'll be chillin', chillin', oh!

    Chillin' like a snowman

    Chillin' like a snowman
    Chillin' like (x3) 

    So step on the snow with a ball
    Than stack'em from big to small
    But you gotta make it five feet tall
    And if you need help, just give us a call 

    Grab a scarf and an old top hat
    Watch him coming out just like that
    Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah 

    Oh yeah, now with this he is in fashion
    All he needs is a chain and some glasses
    We're calling on the heat and the coals
    From South Beach to the North Pole

    REFRAIN (x2)

    Chillin' like a snowman

    Hey! Chillin' like a snowman

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