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    Voici pour vous, le générique de la première série de Sabrina L'Apprentie Sorcière, "The Sabrina The Teenage Witch Show", avec les paroles!

    Here comes Sabrina

    And all her friends are here again with you

    And with Sabrina

    There's fun and magic to keep you laughing too

    You’ll see her tug her ear

    You’ll see her disappear

    Yes, it’s Sabrina

    And her magic powers can get her out of trouble

    But with Sabrina

    You’re never sure if you’re not seeing double

    'Cause she’s Sabrina

    Sabrina the Teenage Witch!

    Vidéo de DreamWorksTV sur YouTube

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    Voici la liste des épisodes anglais de la première série d'animation de Sabrina, adapté de la série de comics; "The Sabrina The Teenage Witch Show". L'intégral de la série est sortie le 29 avril 2008 en DVD aux USA.

    # SAISON 1
    1) The Fairy Godmother
    2) Hiccups
    3) Which Witch is Which?
    4) The Basketball Game
    5) Will the Real Weatherbee Stand Up?
    6) Caveman
    7) Paint Story
    8) Aunt Zelda's Broom
    9) Cinderella Story
    10) What the Hex Going On?
    11) Wishbone
    12) Babysitter
    13) Carnival
    14) Stage Fright
    15) Pet Show
    16) Funny Bunny
    17) Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow
    18) A Witch in Time
    19) When the Cat's Away
    20) Costume Party
    21) Let's Have a Hand for Jughead
    22) The New Freeway
    23) Blue Whale
    24) Football Game
    25) Town Beautiful
    26) Horse's Mouth
    27) Birdman of Riverdale
    28) Hoedown Showdown
    29) Spooky Spokes
    30) You Oughta Be in Pictures
    31) The Generation Flap
    32) School Daze
    33) Ug at the Bat
    34) Computerized Moose

    # SAISON 2
    1) Rose-Colored Glasses
    2) Living Dolls
    3) Cake Bake
    4) Hot Rod Derby
    5) The Bear Facts
    6) Child Care
    7) Witches Golf Open
    8) Rummage Sale
    9) High School Drop-Ins
    10) Big Deal
    11) Frankie
    12) Beached
    13) Ouch
    14) Smog
    15) Dirty Pool
    16) The Grayed Outdoors
    17) Short Changed
    18) Mis-Guided Tour
    19) That Old Track Magic
    20) Moose's Alter-Falter
    21) Mortal Terror
    22) Weather or Not
    23) Flying Sorcery
    24) Too Many Cooks
    25) Ambrose's Amulet
    26) Auto-Biography
    27) Tragic Magic
    28) A Nose for News




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