• 4. Malachia (Lyrics)

    Malachia (Silvio Pozzoli)

    I've seen a hooded man in the night
    Wonder what he's lookin' for
    Saw he wasn't doin' what's right
    Can't be sure but was it you?
    Malachia's mighty dark queen
    Reina tells him where to go
    Always acting nasty and mean
    Never disobeys her plan
    I know you're wanderin' around at night
    I know you're creepin' everyone in sight
    I know that's why you never see the light
    Don't go, Malachia, Malachia
    I have seen you in the darkness
    Try to catch me
    And you will die!
    Silently and lonely he sneaks
    Sacredly around the town
    Reina's guinea pig creeps
    Never ever lets her down
    Malachia's mighty dark queen
    Turns her king into a slave
    Aims at pleasing the queen
    Sacrificing everyday
    REFRAIN (x2)
    Vidéo de TestiSigle sur YouTube
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