• 8. Bloom (Lyrics)


    I like shopping, I like skating 
    I just love being a girl 
    Having powers not on my list 
    Fighting off evil seems so crazy 
    And now I have to save the world 
    This all seems a little hazy 
    I'm not sure what to do lately 
    Growing from a girl into a hero 
    Its a dream come true 
    Just give me time, I'll show you 
    I just want to bloom 
    And you're gonna to see 
    A simple picture turned to a masterpiece 
    Plant a little seed 
    And let me bloom right in front of you 
    The bitter and the sweet 
    They go hand in hand 
    But you must take both so you truly understand 
    Plant a little seed 
    And very soon 
    I will bloom 
    Let me bloom (x3)
    I can't swim and I'm protective 
    My friends mean everything to me 
    The life I lead is full of questions 
    Everything seems like it's a lesson 
    It's just one big mystery 
    There's one thing after another 
    Sometimes I feel so smothered 
    But I'll never give in to my fears, no 
    I will show and prove and do what I must do 
    A little water and some sun 
    Work together, work as one 
    Love and care that's given from the heart 
    The recipe to help you see 
    The roses that rise out of me to bloom
    Yeah, yeah, yeah
    Let me bloom (x3)
    Yeah, yeah, yeah
    Let me bloom (x2)
    Yeah, yeah, yeah
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