• 7. Raf (Lyrics)

    Raf (Gisella Cozzo)

    A beam of light shines in your eyes
    That’s how I realize you are Raf
    Stay as you are, beautiful girl
    Everyone trust you, perfect leader for us
    Widespread wings 'cross the sky
    Spreading news of peace and goodwill to all
    With honesty and liberty
    So everyone is safe and you shall succeed
    And so now Fast Fly
    Let your mind go free in the sky
    Your wings transform into a shield for you
    Defending everyone in your path
    Let’s go Speed Fly
    It takes you wherever you want
    Think Fly, the power inside of you
    That makes you move around everywhere
    But now return (x2)
    Stay by my side (x2)
    A tiny ladybug around you
    Brings you luck in all that you do, that you do
    But when it rests, it’s there for you
    And is like a shiny buckle on your belt
    We know you have some hidden secrets
    In your diary lies the name of your love
    Forbidden love... nobody knows...
    Sulfus becomes your dream, the devil you choose
    Don't go too far
    But now return
    Stay by my side
    Don't go too far
    Stay by my side
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