• 7. Fire (Lyrics)


    At first you might just not believe it
    It might not be easy to see
    But I'm here to tell you
    Don't judge a book by its cover
    Please, read my story
    The life that I live's not that simple
    Sometimes, even I can't concede
    That I would be one of the chosen
    Giving my all to keep the peace
    But now I can see
    There's a fire that burns deep inside
    There's a light that I use as my guide
    I can put all my troubles behind me
    When I warm every heart
    With the fire that lies inside me
    I often wonder what's my purpose
    I always would search deep inside
    I found myself lost in the dark
    Until the day that I let my light shine
    Each day I know I'm getting stronger
    The path is much clearer to me
    Now I can share with the world
    This gift that I have
    For everyone around me to see
    Look inside your heart
    Dig down deep inside
    Let your fire shine bright
    Show me with the greatest sense of pride
    Release the fire burning deep inside
    REFRAIN (x2)
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