Didn't know why I couldn't fly
    Didn't want to be stuck on the ground
    I wanted to soar across the sky
    But something was holding me down
    What had me cower in fear?
    What was it I couldn't see?
    The answer near, but so unclear
    I was fighting the demon in me
    The demon in me (x2)
    The battle weird
    Over all that I feared
    I was fighting the demon in me
    The demon in me (x2)
    My head in a spin
    My strength wearing thin
    I was trapped by the demon in me
    Asked myself what did I want?
    Kick back or just go for broke?
    My dreams continued to haunt
    I'd get close then the demon said choke
    Somehow you gotta step up
    Stop buying excuses for free
    So I went face-to-face, laid claim to my space
    And rocked the demon...
    The demon in me (x2)
    I recovered my spark
    Got free of the dark
    And I rocked the demon in me
    The demon in me
    I rocked the demon in me
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  • L'Envie d'Aimer

    Tant de vides et de silences
    Entre les hommes qui ne se voient plus
    Tous aveugles, résignés
    Dans la rue d'indifférence 
    A force de garder ses distances
    On passe tous à côté de la chance
    De s'aimer, s'écouter, se trouver
    Pour mieux *s'aider*
    Un jour comme ça
    Quand lors d'un regard
    Devient ta source de vie
    Tu n'as qu'une envie
    L'envie d'aimer (x4)
    Vidéo de daphneskim sur YouTube

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  • The Will To Love

    So many strangers on the street
    Yeah, nearly everyone you meet
    Can't relate, can't translate, can't create
    A connection
    Easier to keep your distance
    Tread the path of least resistance
    Don't engage, keep to your cage, stay offstage
    For protection
    Then everything changes
    She's there!
    Life rearranges
    Winged angel from above
    Helped me find the Will
    The Will to love
    Vidéo de ShadowDradoness13 sur YouTube

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